Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What It's Like to be 13

We all grow up getting critiqued about how much we are on our cellphones and dependent we are on the technology we use in our daily lives. But alone for me I couldn't even imagine being on the internet when I was 13. I think it's good in some parts to have social media and having the internet on the types of your fingers but I think it's good in moderation. An article done by the Washington post shows the life of a 13 year old girl and how much of her day is taken up by her phone and how much she spends doing activities and 13 year old stuff. 

This got me thinking how much has actually changed since I was 13. How is technology going to shape the young. How is there social skills going to be if the main interaction of their life is through a computer or cellphone screen. I know It sounds like I'm 40 years old, but in reality is everything going to be in group chats, facetimes, and snapchat?  

In this quote from the article "Some of Katherine’s very best friends have never been to her house, or she to theirs. To Dave, it seems like they rarely hang out, but he knows that to her, it seems like they’re together all the time." This makes me crazy to think that they have never gone to each others houses. When I was 13 the best nights of my life were sleepovers with my friends and hanging out with girls but has it changed? are we in a world where the computer screen is more important then the values of being with friends and doing activities?
In some degree I want to know what affect this is going to have on the minds of these children and seeing an unfiltered world. They can see horrible things like in this girls case how she reads a blog on an anorexic person.

I think that our age has been able to avoid the ages of all these struggles of the technology coming to soon. I think that we were able to learn the social skills and connect them with technology and can create a great balance and be very useful. This makes me want to ask the questions what's technology going to do with this kids who may or may not have very good social skills? And what's the pressure of needing to be popular and on your technology now a days?

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Satire Media

I think that people who learn to have a sense of humor when getting their media they retain the information better. Most shows that go for funny while also showing people their regular news tends to inform their viewers better. This is because they actually inform their viewers  better then traditional news. In this article it goes on to show that people who watch satire news retain more information and heard a lot more viable information that they will remember. The study goes on to show that tonight with John Oliver has been the best at showing viewers the most attainable information.

In this photo to my right it shows that the people who watch more of a satire based news source they heard a lot more than the normal traditional news. A lot of people are starting to move away from the more traditional news networks and going with these new satire news station because they like getting a laugh but also seeing real issues.

In this article written by a Miami student it goes through their everyday life with the viewpoints of watching a lot of different news stations. They go to say that they really started to get into the news world when they started watching night shows of the satire aspect. This brings me to the topic of why are teens not as interested in the news anymore? This is because a lot of people get their views from social media and when they look on google. I think that people who really get into news as a teen it's more from the satire news stations or the nightly and daily shows.

One thing I have always wanted to understand is if the satire news stations could actually affect peoples views on their political party status or even their viewpoints. In this article it shows people the actual effect that satire news plays on the political status. The article goes on to talk about how satire news is over taking the mainstream news source to shape some voters opinions. I think that satire news is kind of the future for big news stories, but all the other news stations will stay up because of the local factor people like to see.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal has always been a prestigious and known for showing some of the most memorable story's in business. Reading the Journal almost everyday made me realize that the most bias that the site constantly reported was the business aspect of the world. The story's that most often came up had to do with business more than any other subject. The thing that I found that made me believe that the wall street journal was more high end and it was more or less for the wealthier people who pay to see that news. I was never able to read a full article unless I was able to pay two dollars just for a daily use. According to this article the wall street journal is intended towards high end business people who have money.

The Journal was actually a very interesting site that I was able to see the wealthy article's and at least try to keep up with what was going on in the world of business. In my opinion I would like to keep up with this other world because this is the field I want to go in. I have always found interest in Finance and i'm going to into it for college. You can see what affects that go around the world that change the business world. I would like to be able to subscribe to this site when i'm older so I can keep up with the world of business and finance where I hope to thrive in my career.

People who are actually considering going into the world of business and finance this can keep you up with all news but the focus can be the financial aspect. In the video it shows that the journal has been around for a long part of life and has been well known for more than 50 years. In the video you see how much the journal has changed, but still keeping it's main objective.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Future of Journalism

I have come to realize that the future of journalism isn't this app or this certain pad that has all this technology at once. People want holograms and things that are floating that you can interact with. This is something people thought was never even possible 15 years ago. 15 years ago people would think that a phone you go on the internet with and play games while texting and calling someone was just a rumor. Now it's hard to find a phone that doesn't include the internet. People thought journalism on this ipad type of pad would be the future and then it was an app and now people think it could be a hologram. Where does this limitless thinking go. With of future of journalism we thought that we would create an app that has every new on it. This was a more modern approach rather than thinking of something so brand new.

Now with this new hologram Idisc that they have thought to create this person to interact with you just like a siri. people don't understand how far we have come to now have a person we can interact with in our phone to bring us to places on the web and on our phone so we no longer need to look things up. With this new hologram we will be able to interact with this person and they can give you your news.
The future of journalism will come to something that no one will ever be able to predict. 20 years ago we barely had the use of cell phones without them being these bricks. When I asked my uncle why he didn't want his 17 year old daughter to have a cell phone back in 1998 he stated it was because the only people that had cell phones was drug dealers and big business people.

Journalism is who can get information out the fastest and what I believe the real future of journalism is going to be this hologram that will pop up where ever you are at and it will live stream things you are interested in and project it onto your phone. When major world news starts to happen I believe people will stop where they are and the news will project on every device. This will get major news out fast like in the case of a bombing. In this case people who are vulnerable will be able to leave the area and will be able to plan your day.

Monday, February 22, 2016


I think that journalism is becoming more and more digital. It has just become a way of life that most people now get their journalism via internet and television. The main reason I think is because of how easy it is to access the internet, but in some cases the information isn’t going to be the most reliable. According to Global Investigative Journalism Network they explain why journalism is turning more towards the web, and also why you can’t always trust everything.

With the internet and social media continuing to grow people stop using the “old school” style of journalism in the newspaper. I know that people in my age would for the most part be okay with getting rid of newspaper because of the way technology is moving. The newspaper is dying because of the audience that the newspaper is targeting are for people who don’t know how to use internet to their advantage. It’s more for adults and people who grew up with as a part of their daily life. Eventually the cost of printing the papers will be of greater value than people buying the paper.

This article shows some very good reasons as to why the newspaper is a dying industry. Another big reason is people want to get their journalism in the easiest way possible, and television is one of the easiest ways to get it. America in general has become known as more of a lazy country, and in my opinion I agree. Everything is meant to be easier and faster, and why spend time reading when you can just sit on a couch and watch the information. This is why the newspaper will eventually die.

Now a days to get a job at a local newspaper of journalism place you have to be able to work with a camera. This is because pictures is what the people want to see, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Journalism is about how fast you can get information out, and this is why people and most big journalism companies have a web site to post the information out quickly. This can cause problems at times when people do not get the full information and it can lead to bad reviews and bad reputation on companies. Journalism is a risky area when you don’t know what you are doing.

Nowadays anyone can call themselves journalist because it’s as simple as clicking a button. People think that social media can be a place to post their journalism which is very useful in some cases, but you can’t always believe the social media. Journalism is about facts in most cases, and I think people are growing away from that. Journalism at it’s core is to get information out to an intended audience and let them base their opinions around them, and now I think it’s all about persuasions.